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Low self-dumping containers

Low dump containers are convenient if the use of full-height containers is difficult for some reason. A wheel kit is available as an accessory.

They are ideal for the handling of metal, gravel, cement, waste wood and garbage.

The containers are transported and emptied with a forklift. There is a lever at the front side of the container for its automatic  emptying and a lever for manual emptying at the opposite side. The levers relapse automatically and can be locked into position. The standard colour is blue (Ral 5019), other colour options are available on custom orders. 


Technical data:

Model Measures
L x W x H, mm 
Low dump container 550 L 1635 x 1070 x 520  138
Low dump container 750 L 1635 x 1320 x 520  151
Low dump container 900 L 1635 x 1570 x 520  165