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Snow plow for forklift

Strong and durable snow plow for fork lift, designed for the removal of snow. Can be attached and locked to the forks. Three working positions: straight, left and right. The snow plow has a protection mechanism based on springs which is activated when hitting an obstacle to protect the forklift from impact.

The snow plow attached to the forklift is equipped with a support leg and openings for the fork. The spring-loaded blade is made of 8mm steel. The blade has three positions: 50° to the left, 50° to the right, and straight. The effective height of the blade is 550mm.

Standard color: blue (powder coated); other colors available on request.

Four effective widths are available:

length, mm width, mm height, mm weight, kg
Snowplow 1500 1350 1500 750 247
Snowplow 2000 1350 2000 750 270
Snowplow 2500 1350 2500 750 293
Snowplow 3000 1350 3000 750 317